Much has happened in the five months since I last posted. Mainly, Asher Kachka joined our family four months ago—an accomplishment compared to which Hothouse is dust in the wind. Bookwise, there was a visit to Andover, MA, for a long interview with Dean Velvel of the Massachusetts School of Law. And on Saturday, February 15 at 11:30 am, I’ll be giving a talk as part of the Savannah Book Festival—at the Jepson Center boardroom if you happen to be nearby. We’re delighted to be down South (Asher too, on his first plane trip), and to have survived a harrowing Snowmaggedony day at Kennedy International Airport. Thank you Jetblue, and thank you to the Savannah Book Festival for putting me in the company of so many authors that have so many more readers than I. Do check out the website of this gloriously varied book fair, set in a beautiful town.